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Why I Eat Jello Daily

p-1071-gelatin1Why I Eat Jello Daily

My homemade version is made without the artificial colours and flavourings found in the brand-name varieties. It is so easy to make. All you need is 100% juice and grass-fed gelatin to make this quick and easy treat at home and it’s no more time consuming than the original.

But why would a grown up even want to eat jello? Isn’t  it best left to kids parties? And surely there isn’t actually any nutritional value in it whatsoever. So what exactly is the point in eating it? Well, surprisingly enough, there are actually several massive benefits to eating jello every day. In fact, on the rare days that I don’t get my daily fix of jello, I spit my dummy out, throw a tantrum and cry at my own party…

The Jello Lowdown

Jelly is one of those fun foods that takes you right back to your childhood. Plus, gelatin itself is one of the best foods we can eat to heal our gut. (In the same way as Chicken Bone Broth is recommended: bones = gelatin).

Here’s a few words about gelatin from a published work by Dr. Siebecker:

To summarise, gelatin can be considered for use in the following conditions: food allergies, dairy maldigestion, colic, bean maldigesttion, meat maldigestion, grain maldigestion, hypochorhydria, hyperacidity, gastroesophagul reflux, gastritis, ulcer, hiatal hernia, inflammatory bowel disease, leaky gut syndrome, malnutrition, weight loss, muscle wasting, cancer, osteoporosis, calcium deficiency and anemia

So, you can eat Homemade Chicken Soup and Homemade Jello to help with these ailments and more. Jello is another way to get many of the benefits of bone broth. They are made from the same ingredients. And, it’s a fun way to eat your medicine. Jelly is one of those fun foods that takes you back to your childhood,

Gelatin also supports skin, hair and nail growth and is helpful for joints and joint recovery. It is also a great dietary source of collagen, as well as a source of protein, (Body Builders consume this lots), so when it’s paired with 100% fruit juice, with no added sugars, this is the type of Jello you want to be eating;

Homemade Jello

Fills a standard cooking dish


1 pint Tropicana Grape Juice

1 heaped tablespoon of Great Lakes Unflavoured Gelatin


To begin, you’ll want to ‘mix’ the gelatin in a bit of the juice, to ensure a smooth and even end result. In a small saucepan, heat rest of juice until hot (never boiling). Add your thickened gelatin/juice mixture to the hot juice in the pan until it is mixed in. Once it has dissolved (and is hot, but not boiling), pour the mixture into your standard cooking dish. Let cool at room temperature. Once cooled, place in the fridge to set for at least 2 hours.

You’ll know when it’s done when the top is firm to the touch. Slice into 4 squares/rectangles/any shape and eat one portion every afternoon. Store in the fridge until ready to eat.

Prep Time?

5 minutes

If you tolerate it, you could add 5 tablespoons of Goats/Sheep Yoghurt to your jello portion so it tastes even more amazing.

Note: As an alternative to dairy yoghurt, you can use coconut yoghurt, however, there are still bloat causing ingredients in there like ‘thickeners’, so you might need to experiment. If in any doubt, just stick to the jello.

Now you can eat your dessert and heal your gut too. No guilt, just lots of healing power.

Enjoy. x

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  1. Colleen

    I tried this recipe today – it’s great! I love that it’s sweet enough without adding sugar.

    • SARAH

      Excellent! Thanks for feedback Colleen. X


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