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Why 30 Days On The SCD Diet Will Give You Control Of Your IBS

Why 30 Days On The SCD Diet Will Give You Control Of Your IBS


If you’re suffering from digestive problems labelled as IBS, like I was, I’m sure you have actively researched ways to help your symptoms. I used to scan the web daily for the latest and greatest research on symptoms, supplements and what to eat. But what I never realised at the start of my research was how important diet was. I never even considered that diet may be the biggest single factor in how I felt on a daily basis. I learned that the Specific Carbohydrate Diet was the answer I was looking for.

It only took me 24 hours on the SCD Diet to finally gain control of my undisguisable IBS symptoms and finally be able to feel better than I’d ever felt, instead of my stomach being permanently bloated or dealing with constant gut pain.

But There Is More To The Story…

IBS is driven by various factors which when combined together affect many of our body systems. It is primarily driven by bacterial overgrowth and inflammation. An inflamed gut with an overgrowth of the bad guys is a recipe for disaster and leads to the symptoms labelled Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

You Have To Attack This Thing Two-Fold…

  1. First, by killing off the bacteria (ideally through starving them to death).
  2. And then cooling the inflammation down.

What’s the best way to accomplish both of those tasks… the magic pill to take control of IBS?

You guessed it, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, A.K.A. The Eat Clean, Sexy & Lean Mealplans.

The SCD Diet works to stop feeding the bad bacteria – the complex carbs, sugars and starches that it needs to proliferate and it also cools down the inflammation in the gut by lowering the intake of processed foods, sugar, dairy and complex carbohydrates that irritate the lining of the gut. So, what is the key step to make all this work harmoniously together to start making you feel better? The key step is properly executing the SCD ‘Intro Diet’, A.K.A. The 7 Day Body Reset. Without it, you may not ever get control of the bad guys and be able to break that viscous cycle.

The 7 Day Body Reset is so important, because it reboots the gut flora and starves out the bacteria in one swift motion to make sure that the foundation of foods that the Eat Clean, Sexy & Lean Mealplans build from that point forward, is made on a solid footing. If you complete The 7 Day Body Reset properly, you can be confident that you can get a handle on the symptoms of your IBS, one day at a time.

The Specific Carbohydrate Diet Is Rather Simple When You Boil It Down…

Basically, you just say NO to some types of food and YES more often to others. It is really that simple.

Sure, there is a learning curve, however, I have taken most of that away with your ready-made SCD/Elimination Diet Eat Clean, Sexy & Lean Mealplans.

It will actually be exciting! You can finally go explore the outer aisles of the supermarkets and in the process, dust off those unused pots and pans.

That is really all the Specific Carbohydrate Diet is: learning a new way to shop, cook and when to say NO to certain foods.

There are no horrible side effects and no starvation, but your food bill might go up temporarily. The same thing would happen if you tried a new supplement or vitamin-pill.

What if in 30 days, you could naturally get more energy, balance your weight, stabilise your blood sugar, end your digestion troubles and all you had to do was eat differently?

Now, what if I told you all you needed to focus on was doing the right things on the diet and that there was a programme that would show exactly how to get started to make sure you get all the benefits from the SCD Diet?

Well, if you’re interested, I created The 7 Day Body Reset – a Nutritional Detox that walks you through step-by-step, how to start the SCD Intro Diet properly… you also get your own online-coach for support:

Remember, it all starts with The 7 Day Body Reset and then you can jump right onto the Eat Clean, Sexy & Lean Mealplans. Worst case scenario – you suffer the same symptoms you have now. Best case – your IBS symptoms stop, your gas/bloating stops, you lose excess weight and you take control of your health.

I have kicked IBS symptoms with this very diet. Message me to get started.

Stuff About Me…

I am a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach/Trainee-P.T. In 2014, I reached a breaking point when IBS took over my life and the doctors didn’t know how to help. Since then, I have transformed my health  and started #The7DayBodyReset  and #EatCleanSexyAndLean programmes to help others. You can check out my story on my website and message me directly on Facebook Messenger.

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    Is it celiac friendly and does it keacevout other lectins?
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      Hi Tamara. Yes, celiac-friendly and leaves out all other lectins.

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