I’m beyond happy and honoured to have worked with these extraordinary people over the last year.

It was all about learning what foods to eat to enable me to lose weight and focus on a healthier way of living. I have tried dieting before but have never reached an end goal and have always worried it would never happen for me. Dieting made me unhappy so I wasn’t sure how I would manage to reach my end goal. Learning about what foods do and what time to eat them and how they could be enjoyable really helped me to stay on track.

I lost a total of 1 stone, 10lbs in weight. I feel much less lethargic and sluggish eating better foods. I have a want to fill my day with more things instead of wondering how I will get through the whole day without taking a rest.

With meal prepping I thought it would be a lot of hassle and take too much time but the reality is, if you are organised it’s not a hassle. Once you’ve done your prep that’s it for the whole day or most of the week. You know what you’re eating and when and I don’t have to worry about when I’ll be able to grab something to eat throughout the day. I know exactly what I’m putting into my body and I don’t feel guilty about the foods I’m eating anymore.

It’s all very approachable. You don’t need to go to a specific shop and buy expensive ingredients. It’s just simple foods that are easy to cook. Learning about what foods do for your body was interesting to me and I found myself asking questions with very informative answers and guided help in case I wanted to substitute different ingredients in.

It’s not a fad diet with substitute juices etc. For me, it was a focus on a lifestyle change and something that can be upheld. Nothing else I have tried before has ever worked for me as it wasn’t providing a substantial lifestyle change.

It’s an approachable, non-judgemental and educational service that can upkeep substantial results and provide a lifestyle change. I would of course recommend you to my friends, family or co-workers as it’s worked for me and continues to work. And I can see it working for anyone else.

Your enthusiasm has made me become enthusiastic about wanting to learn more so if I ever feel like I need more encouragement and guidance (which I’m sure I will) I would definitely want to work with you again.

Keeley McManus (21) Psychology Graduate, Neston, Wirral

Sarah  before coaching…

4 weeks later…



What a great few weeks I’ve had with you! I have learnt so much from you! I will highly recommend you to anyone and everyone!!!

I just couldn’t shift my last 10lbs. After starting coaching, I lost 9lbs in the first 3 weeks. I have a hell of a lot more energy!! It’s all about planning ahead… Once you get that sorted, life is easy… Stress free at mealtimes! Happy days!!

I liked the constant contact with you any time of the day! Constant support. When I felt low, you said the right things!! The program was simple to follow. You are very knowledgeable on nutrition/supplements! (Not a lot of people are!)

The most important thing people should know about your program is that you CAN achieve your desired look/size/weight!!!! I would recommend you as you are so focused… And full of knowledge! That is worth gold!!

Your support and knowledge would make me want to work with you again. There wasn’t anything I didn’t like. It’s just bloody fab!

Thank you so so much for the past month. You have taught me so much about food, weight and most of all, myself. Good luck with everything… you’re amazing! I know you’ll do great!  Xxxxxx

Sarah Graham (29) Personal Banker  and Tough Mudder Competitor, Ainsdale, Merseyside