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The SCD Diet: What It Is And How It Works

The SCD Diet: What It Is And How It Works

Toxic foods and some ‘health foods’ can cause digestive harm. My philosophy is based on SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet) principles. SCD saved my health, yet most people have never heard of it. It changed me so dramatically,  I created my own SCD- products.

What Science Is Behind The 7 Day Body Reset & The Eat Clean, Sexy & Lean Mealplans?

The Reset and Mealplans are based on SCD priciples, i.e. the fact that not everyone’s digestive tract can optimally digest complex carbohydrates and man made food products like sugar. (Toxic foods and many ‘health foods; can cause digestive harm).  Carbohydrates are classified by their chemical structure; they are monosaccharide, disaccharide or polysaccharide. In these meal plans, only monosaccharide carbohydrates are eaten as all others require extra digestion steps to break the chemical bonds down to monosaccharide carbohydrates.

Any food that is not properly digested causes bacterial and yeast overgrowth when undigested carbohydrates are fed on by bacteria and yeast in the intestinal tract. This starts a chain reaction of excess toxins and acids which cause irritation of the small intestine cells, damaging them and causing food absorbtion issues, which only helps to continue the cycle.

The Reset/Mealplans  are an all natural way to break this cycle of bacteria and yeast overgrowth by eliminating the food sources they feed on. By working to restore gut flora to normal levels, the intestinal tract is allowed to start repairing itself.

How Do The Reset/Eat Clean, Sexy & Lean Meal Plans Work?

By eliminating complex carbohydrates, lactose, sucrose and other man-made ingredients from the digestive system, the body is finally allowed to start healing. As gut flora levels start to stabilise, the reduction of irritants from undigested foods, toxins and other man-made ingredients allows inflammation levels to retreat.

This is accomplished by beginning the diet with extremely easy to digest, natural foods. The 7 Day Body Reset plan starts the healing process and then more complex foods are added back to the diet very slowly. By carefully adding foods back to the diet, the Eat Clean, Sexy & Lean Mealplans are specifically tailored to suit various states of ‘injury’ and digestion abilities.

What Do/Don’t I Eat Then?

Using this phasing approach will give your body 13 weeks (3 months) of low inflammation foods so that you can begin healing before you start trying more advanced foods. You should avoid introducing new foods until you have been free of digestive symptoms and other mental/physical symptoms for 4 days on a row.

To give you a rough idea of timings, you shouldn’t be reintroducing foods not on the mealplans until you’re 3-6 months into the mealpans. Keep in mind, everyone is differenct and some people will heal faster, just as some will heal slower.








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