The Phase 1 Mealplans include:

• 6 weeks of  meal plans

• Five meals a day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 snacks

• Every meal is composed of easy-to-digest foods

• Foods are phased in, so you don’t have to worry about it

• Batching: tonight’s dinner = tomorrow’s lunch to save time

You literally print the meal plan, cook the meals and your work is done.


Eat Clean, Sexy & Lean: The Mealplans

The Eat Clean, Sexy and Lean Mealplans offer SCD inspired, healthy, clean-eating versions of your favourite foods (think burgers, gourmet game-meats and sweet tasting grape jelly), while sharing non-processed equivalents of popular meals that will transform your relationship with food and eating forever.

Eating ‘Clean, Sexy and Lean’ isn’t just about feeding your body. It’s about figuring out what your food intolerances are. It’s about burning fat, banishing bloat and boosting confidence so you feel awesome in your body!

6 weeks of ultra-nutritious, fat burning, body healing meal plans to radically transform your body, heal your gut, lose excess weight and finally reveal those 6-pack abs!

The Phase 1 Mealplans

In Phase 1 (the first 6 weeks of the mealplans) you will phase and introduce foods meal-by-meal, so you can relax and focus on living a normal life. Both plans are dairy-free,  egg-free, legume-free, nut-free with easy to digest foods and carefully phased in foods.

Get the ‘Eat Clean, Sexy & Lean’ Phase 1 Mealplans Now – £19.95