Strong is the new sexy


 Still waiting for that killer-body?

• Lacking motivation to train?

• No time for health with such a busy life?

• A little down and not happy with how you look or feel?

• Not sure about nutrition and correct lifestyle for health?

• Have a big important event coming up in your life?

• Don’t like waiting around to use equipment in the gym?

• Need to be more competitive/ mentally focused in your job/private life?

The Plan

I am dedicated to helping people of all ages develop their fitness and improve their nutritional habits. Achieve personal health objectives with someone who cares about your progress. Traditional aerobic based exercises are old news, boring and simply won’t give you the body of your dreams. Let me help you take your fitness routine to the next level with my knowledge of exercises that work!  Call/text/email me today to discuss your goals and I will show  you exactly what exercise program you should be doing that’s designed to deliver massive results, especially when you combine your new training with the Clean, Sexy & Lean Mealplans. (Abs are 80% made in the kitchen and 20% in the gym).

You will have a Health and Fitness Assessment carried out when you start and you will be asked to complete a Client Questionnaire ensuring that your training programme is suitable for you. I will then re-assess every month so that I can track how effectively your nutrition habits and training regime are transforming your body. Bodyfat %, muscle mass, bodyweight, blood pressure and various other measurements are taken as part of this process and I use all of the knowledge gained from the tests to guide you on the shortest pathway to attain your health and fitness goals.

I can offer you Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching as part of an overall Coaching Package OR just Personal Training.  If you have the right training, know what to eat and how often, you will now start to see results. If you feel you are not ready for exercise of any type at the moment, I can help you simply to become more active in a non-threatening, supportive, 1:1 environment. We all start somewhere. Just need Nutrition Coaching? No problem. Just give me a call.

The Sessions

30 minute session: £15

1 hour session: £25

24 hours notice is required for cancellations.

discover your potential.. 

Let’s transform YOUR body