About Transformational Nutrition

I’ve become an expert since going through my own struggle. My mission is to help others lose weight without counting calories, get people to eat real food and to stop people’s food intolerance symptoms. I work with people who are overweight, people who are suffering from extreme bloating  and people who are suffering from a range of related symptoms like acne, rosacea,  blocked sinuses,  excess gas, stomach cramps etc…


You are unable to lose weight, your stomach bloats up after eating, you are on antibiotics  for acne, antacid pills for your excess stomach acid or PPI medication for your IBS symptoms. Continuing in this way may lead to more health issues meaning your happiness and your health are at risk.


Signature systems that  enable you to lose weight, stop bloat and reduce/eliminate food intolerance symptoms


Transformational Nutrition Private Coaching


15 minute Discovery Session to discuss what your goals are – FREE!

I would love the chance to connect with you on a deeper level either in person, or by phone or by Skype, by offering you a complimentary Discovery Session with me!

To claim your free 15 minute consultation, simply e-mail me at sarah@sarahlouisehayes.com or send me a text/ voicemail to 07833 425110 or message me on Facebook Messenger to discuss a day and a time that work best for you. After you’ve scheduled your appointment, I will send you an e-mail confirmation with your next steps, so that you can squeeze every last drop of value out of our time together.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for free articles and information about the latest on transforming your body/health, delivered straight to your inbox!


Private Coaching Sessions (30mins  each)  – £50 per session

  • 30 minute minute weekly coaching session in person/online/telephone
  • In depth discussion of Content of Questionnaire and Food Journal (1st session)
  • Setting of first realistic goal (1st session)
  • Advice on foods to remove/replace linked to client’s goals
  • Ongoing coaching to promote the formation of healthy habits
  • Regular support through Facebook Messenger/text/WhatsApp for 7 days after the session
  • Continued education around cause/effect – positive and negative
  • Simple done-for-you mealplans to follow
  • Supplements advice/guidance
  • Time to focus on YOU!


Prices for 30 minute Coaching Sessions :


   4 week programme – £200 (£50 per week)

       or  8 week programme – £380 (£47.50 per week)

or 12 week programme – £540 (£45 .00 per week )


Contact me to discuss which package feels like a better fit for you.


Here’s to your success!

Sarah x


For those of you who feel you are not ready to work with me yet…

The 7 Day Body Reset/The Vegetarian 7 Day Body Reset

How to properly start eating clean, sexy and lean, lose weight and banish bloat fast! This 7 Day SCD Detox resets your body (like resetting your PC to its factory settings). It shows you foods  you need to elliminate to put an end to your bloat, constipation, stomach pain and low energy. Plan : Day 1: Shop for ingredients. Day 2-7: Follow the simple mealplans. The 7 Day Body Reset Package Includes:

  • a simple shopping checklists to help you get started
  • a 6-day meal plan, plus an instruction manual
  • five meals a day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 snacks
  • every meal is composed of easy-to-digest foods
  • easy to follow preparation suggestions, NOT super complex

When you sign up for the 7 Day Body Reset, you will get access to daily support via Facebook Messenger, text or WhatsApp. I will be on hand to answer all your questions throughout your journey. This will ensure you stay on track and feel motivated at all times.

Get the ‘7 Day Body Reset Plan’ Now – £34.95


 Eat, Clean, Sexy & Lean: The Mealplans/Vegetarian Eat Clean, Sexy & Lean: The Mealplans

The Eat Clean, Sexy and Lean Mealplans offer SCD healthy, clean-eating versions of your favourite foods (think burgers, gourmet game-meats and sweet tasting grape  jelly), while  sharing non-processed equivalents of popular meals that will transform your relationship with food and eating forever.

The Vegetarian Eat Clean, Sexy and Lean Mealplans offer healthy, clean-eating meals for those who wish to be meat-free (think fresh-fish, gorgeous grilled Halloumi and creamy, satisfying, hearty humous).

Eating ‘Clean, Sexy and Lean’ isn’t just about feeding your body. It’s about figuring out what your food intolerances are. It’s about burning fat, banishing bloat and boosting confidence so you feel awesome in your body!

6 weeks of ultra-nutritious, fat burning, body healing  mealplans to radically transform your body, heal your gut, lose excess weight and finally reveal those 6-pack abs!



The Phase 1 and Phase 2 Mealplans


In Phase 1 ( the first 6 weeks of the mealplans) you will phase and introduce foods meal-by-meal, so you can relax and focus on living a normal life. Both Phase 1 & 2 are dairy-free, egg-free, legume-free, nut-free with easy to digest foods and carefully phased in foods.

(The Vegetarian plans are meat-free, cows milk-free and nut-free with easy to digest foods and carefully phased in foods).

In Phase 2 ( the second 6 weeks of the mealplans), you will expand your diet,  whilst you enjoy delicious, nourishing meals that don’t trigger food-intolerance  symptoms and avoid digestive issues.


The Phase 1 and Phase 2 Mealplans include:

  • Two 6 week meal plans, totalling 12-full weeks of meals
  • Five meals a day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 snacks
  • Every meal is composed of easy-to-digest foods
  • Foods are phased in, so you don’t have to worry about it
  • Batching: tonight’s dinner = tomorrow’s lunch to save time

You literally print the meal plan, cook the meals and your work is done.


Get the ‘Eat Clean, Sexy & Lean’ Phase 1 Mealplans Now – £ 19.95

Get the ‘Eat Clean, Sexy & Lean Phase 2 Mealplans Now – £19.95

OR Both ‘Phase 1’ And ‘Phase 2’ Mealplans Now – For £34.95

( saving £4.95)


The ITN Cookbook E-Book


45 healthy, quick and easy recipes your family will love!

The concept for the Institute of Transformational Nutrition (ITN) Community Cookbook was realised when a  group of ITN graduates wanted to collaborate to create a healthy cookbook using recipes based on the principles taught at the Institute.

Certified Transformational Nutrition Coaches know the importance of eating right, but also recognise how difficult it is to find the time to cook a fresh, well-balanced meal. They’ve delivered some amazing recipes that are not only healthy but easy (yes, I said easy) to make.

Created by individuals who have dedicated their lives to helping others improve their health, these recipes contain natural, highly nutritious ingredients. You’ve heard it time and time again; eating right doesn’t have to be hard or taste bad. Finally. A cookbook that will help you create incredibly tasty food that will not harm your body, but instead give it what it needs to function properly and optimally.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful collection of tasty meals.

Get the ITN Community Cookbook Now – £12.45


And You’re Always Covered By My Gaurantee…

Not thrilled with your purchase? I honour my guarantees and will happily refund your money if you’re not happy. Simply send an email to sarah@sarahlouisehayes.com within 90 days of purchase and I will happily issue you a refund.