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My Story – Why I Do What I Do

I used to feel fatigued and run-down. I had brittle nails, my hair snapped off when I brushed it and I had permanent acne. I regularly fell asleep around 8pm. I had trained as a dancer from the age of 5, yet now could not run for 5 minutes without having to stop to catch my breath. I generally felt a bit rubbish, but now accepted it as ‘normal’.

Two years ago, for my birthday, my partner helped me to achieve a lifelong ambition – he took me to New York. I had wanted to go there since I was a child when I saw it on TV. I loved it. I ate burgers, pancakes, cooked breakfasts, drank gallons of coffee by day and enjoyed a few drinks by night. A week after returning back to England, I started to experience severe bloating and acid in my stomach.

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As well as feeling all of the things I describe above, I now noticed that my stomach had started to swell. This swelling grew bigger and showed no sign of stopping. I looked as if I was in the early stages of pregnancy.  After a week of increased bloating, I went to see my GP. I was issued standard prescriptions for all things ‘Irritable Bowel’ related, none of which worked. I tested negative for H-Pylori twice and tried a Candida/Alkalising Diet. The bloating remained and unfortunately I lost a significant amount of weight and now looked quite ill. I worked with a Nutritionist who connected me to a machine and advised me to give up numerous foods. I followed their advice, eating numerous ‘superfoods’. Nothing helped.


I felt frustrated and down and thought I had tried everything. Countless unsuccessful medical visits and 6 months of 3-5 hours of Internet  researching a night later, I found myself in touch with 2 guys in America who had suffered numerous dietary issues, including many I recognised as my own. I learned that many health issues originate in the gut and that the choices we make around food and drink can have a huge impact on this. I realised that my poor diet down the years had caught up with me.

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The penny started to drop. All of my sickness had stemmed from my gut. I realised that not taking proper care of myself had left my immune system weak. I realised that being on permanent antibiotics for years (for acne) had destroyed the good bacteria in my stomach and that despite now eating a ‘healthy’ diet, I had become intolerant to many foods. I started to consider a new way of eating. I wanted to heal.

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In the Autumn of 2014, I decided I could overcome bloating, acidity, acne, blocked sinuses, hair loss, cracked nails, brain fog, apathy, lethargy, mental tiredness, asthma, anxiety and stress. After 24 hours of changing my diet, my bloating had reduced dramatically. After a week, it had gone completely. As I tried to understand which foods I was intolerant to, I continued to bloat on occasion, but to nowhere near the extent of before. After feeling embarrassed about my ‘pregnancy’ for 6 months, I almost cried.  Despite testing negative on two occasions, for H-Pylori, this was eventually diagnosed and treated. I underwent an Endoscopy and discovered I had Gastritis, an inflammation of the stomach lining.

I replaced antagonistic foods and completely changed my eating habits. I had been training at my gym for 18 months, but now noticed I was able to take things to a whole new level. I had enormous amounts of energy, stopped taking antibiotics and my acne disappeared. My hair and nails became healthier, my sinuses cleared and my anxieties receded. I began to feel like a new person. I actually started to live my life again.

Thank goodness for the Internet and Jordan and Steve. I owe you so much.

Now, my life is completely different… I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been and my passion is helping people just like me, naturally heal digestive issues, banish bloating, lose weight and live a long, healthy life. Two years ago, I thought I’d never be unbloated and that I would always appear pregnant. Now I’m obsessively determined to be 100% the opposite of that, whilst enjoying how I do it.

I had changed my diet, I had changed my lifestyle, I had regained my health. I now intend to help you do the same.

In fact, as you are reading this, please know that YOU don’t have to suffer. My diet has transformed me. I no longer have a bloated stomach. My fitness has improved and I have the best body I’ve had my entire adult life. I feel hopeful and positive.




I felt the need to satisfy an enormous thirst for information around all things food/gut/health related. I wanted to find the most up to date/current learning program to put me ahead of the game. At this stage, I had no formal qualifications, however, I had spent a year researching gut problems every evening on Google and had built up a fair bit of knowledge, plus I had my own experiences.

I took the decision to invest in the Transformational Nutrition Coaching program – not a small investment – but I was confident in my decision as I was investing in me and I believe in me.

My journey has made me passionate about gut-healing, eating nutritious food as a medicine and training my body to be the best it can be.

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The bloat has gone as if it had never been there. It soon returns however on the rare occasions where I eat something that I know is not good for me. (I am human after all!)

My body and soul are healing and it is now time for me to share what I have learned.

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Life is a journey. Each tiny step matters. I feel so incredibly grateful. If you feel you are ready for a transformation, if you want to heal your gut issues, banish bloat, lose weight and start feeling great, then I invite you to join me.

Let’s transform YOUR body!


PS. If you would like to read more about the ‘diet’ that stopped my symptoms, read my ‘FREE’ page for information on what not to eat, the science behind it and what steps you can take next.