Real people, real results – 7 DAYS!

Joanna, August 2017

(lost 8.5 lbs in 6 days)

I had a sluggish feeling, a bloated stomach when my IBS flared up and frequent, floating anxiety. I lost 8.5lbs, 3″ off my hips and 1″ off my thighs! I have increased ease with getting out of bed on the mornings and falling asleep each night was so easy. I felt more alert each day. Your programme has made my life more enjoyable as I feel more alert and I have found my love of eating fish again. I already suspected bread was not my friend, but didn’t think I could live a day without it. This programme has confirmed bread to be one of the main sources of my bloated and blocked feeling. Your constant support was wonderful. Couldn’t have done the week without you. The prepping of meals was easy and made the week easier as I didn’t have to think about what to cook when I got home from work. I haven’t done anything like this programme before and was a little sceptical about it. I had convinced myself that going to the gym 5/6 days a week meant that I could eat what I wanted and although my weight had maintained the same for the last 5 years, I never seem to be able to get definition around my tummy area. I wasn’t only bothered about my weight, I wanted to try and break the habit of eating sugary foods that in turn made me feel bloated and uncomfortable, I wanted to cleanse and start over! The food was really nice and I learnt that I am not actually hungry when I think I am, it’s about choosing the right things to eat. Pre-planning meals is essential – it stopped me from grazing on the wrong foods. This programme really works, it wasn’t all about weight loss for me, (although fitting into a smaller pair of work trousers was fabulous!), it’s about feeling better. I was expecting to suffer with headaches due to caffeine withdrawal, but surprisingly I didn’t – so I consider myself lucky on that! The cleanse honey and vinegar drink is lush!! 100% Recommendation! Your constant support is invaluable, no question was made to feel silly. I have told all my work colleagues to try this programme and my gym friends. I am considering doing Phase 1, 6 weeks Meal Plan – if for no other reason than to get your wonderful menu ideas! The Detox programme didn’t feel like a chore, I wont lie though, there were times, out of habit, I’d want something naughty to eat! For me, the evenings after my main meal were the hardest, but it just made me go to bed early!


Nicki, August 2017

(lost 4.85 lbs in 7 days)

I wanted to lose lower belly fat. I have lost 4.85lbs. By Day 5, my energy levels had increased massively. I do feel I have a clearer head and I seem to be more organised, also, my moods have definitely lifted in the last few days. I found the foods easy to prep and your constant support was very professional. Your 1:1 support was better than any other P.T.’s I have used and the food was simple and basic. The most important thing people should know about your programme is that the Detox is easy and simple to follow and is easy to slot into your day. I would recommend your programme as it is a very easy plan to follow. It actually works 😉 If you have commitment and consistency then this plan will definitely work for you. Still bouncing with energy this morning! Such a nice feeling to have some energy for once. I was totally putting it down to my age and job but just goes to show.

Tammie, August 2017

(lost 3.5lbs in 6 days)

I’ve just done this for a week. It works. I feel great. lost a few pounds, full of energy and it got me back on track after a few heavy weekends away and a holiday. Highly recommend Sarah Louise Hayes – she’s lovely and so helpful. My training was great, but I’d lost my eating habits along the way. I eat well mainly, but just needed a bit more guidance! I get confused which is the right was as you hear so much stuff! Just wanted to be about half a stone lighter and stick to it. I’m very good with my eating once I know what to do. This gave me the kick up the butt I needed! It’s been ok after the first two days – they were hard  – but now it’s fine. Got used to it and I feel pretty good and clothes are definitely looser! I look and feel much better! I’ve been so busy – haven’t really missed coffee or anything, eaten everything on the plan, lots of water too. I feel really good tho – can defo see a difference! I felt absolutely fab this morning. I shot out of bed at 5am lol – loads of energy. Feel like I have loads of energy today – feel great – I’m full of energy after a long arse day, with no break. It’s been quite easy actually, after the initial first couple of days, I’ve done it to the book as well, no cheating – all good – haven’t caved in yet. Training’s going great too. It’s so weird, the one thing I missed in the beginning was coffee and although I enjoyed my coffee this morning, I’m not bothered about it at work, I’ve had green tea instead. Just goes to show how you rely on the stuff too much!

Tammie’s Pre-Detox Stats:

Weight: 74.5kg

Waist: 31.2″

Hips: 40.2″

Thighs: 22.3″

Tammie’s Post-Detox Stats:

Weight: 72.9kg

Waist: 30.5″

Hips: 39.4″

Thighs: 22.0″

Tammie was pleased, BUT she wanted to sustain her progress…

I would like to get back down to about 69/70kg – that’s a nice weight for me – I’m 5 ft 8, but I struggle. I’m working out almost every day. I struggle eating a lot of carbs – seem to bloat me! I would like some guidance, otherwise I will just go back to how I was.

So what did Tammie do? She started a 12 wk programme:

Will start the 12 week programme after the Bank Holiday, looking forward to it.

After 1 week on the programme…

I’ve got used to the diet now, it’s just given me the kickstart I need. 2kg down in a week and I’m smashing the gym, my fitness levels have shot up – feel amazing. It’s defo working. Ha ha! I’ve gone off coffee. How strange! The one thing I was dreading not having on the Detox. Green tea all the way! Thank u. Really appreciate your help.

Michelle, August 2017

(lost 6lbs and 1.4% body fat in 5 days)

I felt strangely nervous lol. Soup was lush!!! I started to feel the caffeine detox. I drink about 5-6 cups of tea a day. I know I’ve needed to detox from caffeine for ages! Got a banging headache, but felt completely fine on the hunger front to be honest – surprisingly full. On Day 1, I slept through from half 8 that night1 Never done that! Obviously needed it! Lol. On Day 2, I was lacking in energy! It’s really shocked me how much my body was feeling this just after one and a half days of no caffeine or sugar. I obviously needed this. On Day 3, I had better energy. The fog was lifting. I was definitely feeling better. My fave snack of the day was salmon. I really like the jelly n yoghurt. Think that’s a keeper. The little one has already been at it! On Day 4, I actually woke feeling a bit more energetic! Don’t want to just go back to how I was eating before. For the forst time in months, I feel like my stomach is flatter and I don’t look pregnant! Strangely not craving cake now. I have been doing some research on clean eating this week and hope I can keep it up. I am feeling bloody amazing after weighing myself. Very pleased. I know it’s only a small difference, but in 5 days I am blown away! Just hope to keep the 5-7lbs off now. I want to see how I do and if I need more guidance, then I will definitely be calling on you for a plan.

What Michelle achieved in 5 days:

Michelle’s Pre-Detox stats:

Weight: 10.9 stone

Body Fat: 29.7%

Michelle’s Post-Detox stats:

Weight: 10.3 stone

Body Fat: 28.3%

= 6lbs lost and 1.4% Body Fat

Jason, October 2017

(lost 7lbs in 6 days)

I was unable to lose any weight. I don’t actually know how much weight I lost as I forgot to weigh myself before I started, but it must be at least 7lbs. I now feel very alert and wide awake – far more energy throughout the whole day and evening. Your programme has made me feel more energised and I have a better general overall feeling. The daily support was excellent and it keeps you engaged. I never felt hungry once – big bonus. The daily support and the ability to ask questions after the programme has started is a huge help – rather than just guessing. The most important thing people should know about your programme is that it’s not a gimmick. I’ve tried lots of diets. Some of this takes time to prep, but once it’s done, it’s done. I’m a really big eater (or bluntly put, I’m greedy) and this has got my eating habits under control in just 1 week. I would recommend your programme because it works and because of the support during the Detox/Reset. I would work with you again because of the overall engagement and support and the fact that it works. I made a good effort for the Detox and it was surprisingly easy. I think it’s a great diet and I’m really glad I made the effort and made a start!