About Me

I help people who have tried everything to lose weight, are overwhelmed with strict diets or who want to stop suffering from a bloated belly. Unlike others, who count calories, I help people discover what they’re really putting into their bodies. I help people lose weight, banish bloat and finally feel awesome in their own bodies.


I am a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer and creator of the Eat Clean, Sexy & Lean Mealplans. I studied with the Institute of Transformational Nutrition – the only nutrition certification program that combines nutritional science, psychology, spirituality and coaching skills to help people create permanent change in their life.

I am committed to helping those who wish to lose weight, gain a comprehensive understanding of their food and its often hidden contents and to those who would like to find out if what they consume is having a positive or negative effect on their health. I also go beyond food and examine why some of you know what to do to get healthy, but still won’t do it, as well as unlocking the true secrets behind having the body, health and life you’ve always wanted.

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